A trigger-based email is an email that’s automatically sent to someone based on what they do in your web or mobile app.

I’ll give a few examples.

When Jill signs up for a free trial on your site, you can automatically send a welcome email 10 minutes after she joins.

If Jill visits your FAQ page, you can send an email to help her before she asks.

When Jill has 2 days left in her trial, you can remind her to upgrade, automatically.

Here's how to set one up:

First, choose the event you want to trigger an email, like someone joining your site.

Now schedule a time to send the email, like 5 minutes after they join.

Then write your message.

Now, each time someone joins your site, they’ll get a welcome email, automatically.

Here are three trigger-based emails you can set up in just a few minutes to start sending to your web and mobile app users:

Welcome Email

Welcome emails are the foundation of trigger-based emails. They are pretty much the must-have email for every web and mobile app business.


64% of people expect a welcome email. In fact, the average person expects a welcome email within 15 minutes.

If you don't have one, you could already be ruining the relationship between you and your users. You don't want that.


Here's an example of a welcome email: (feel free to copy and paste ;)

Hey {{Customer FirstName}},

Thanks for using Notes App. We can't wait to see how easy it is for you to take notes on the go.

The first thing you'll want to do is sync your Dropbox folder so we can add the notes you already have.

I've included a link to a video on how to do this. There's also detailed directions available there if you need them.

Let me know if you need help. And thanks again for trying Notes App.

This welcome email is simple and to the point. It welcomes your user, thanks them for using the app, and tells them the first thing they'll need to do to use your app.

Inactive Users Email

Did you know if a user doesn't actively use your app for at least  3 days, they're less likely to convert? So it's your job to make sure they remain active during your trial.

To do this automatically with email, try this:

Hey {{Customer FirstName}}, Just reaching out to see if you need anything. I see you used Notes App {{data lastUsedDays}} days ago and you haven't used it since. Is there something I can help with? Is there something we can improve? Please let me know, so I can help. Just hit reply and I'll help with anything. Thanks. Even if you don't get this user back in your app, the feedback they'll offer could prove invaluable. Just set this email up and watch your user activation and feedback go through the roof!

Upgrade Trial Email

Unfortunately, most of your users won't just sign up, buy your app, and start using it without questions. They'll need a bit of follow-up to even get them out of your trial. To do this, you can set up a trigger-based email to go out a few days into their trial to remind them upgrade.


Here's an example you can use:

Hey There {{Customer FirstName}}, I see you've been using the Notes App for {{data daysUsed}} days now. It's exciting to see how much you've been able to get out of it. I'm checking in to see if you have any questions. You haven't upgraded to get all the features yet, and I'm just trying to find out if it's because you need help with something. If you don't need help, do you mind if I send you a promo code to get 10% off your first month? This would give you immediate access to the features you aren't using yet. Let me know and I'll send it right over. And if you need help just press reply, I'm here to help. This email does a few things.

  1. You are reminding your users how much value they're getting from your app.
  2. You're asking if they need help. Remember, only 4% of your users will actually reach out and voice a complaint or ask for help. You can't count on them to submit a support ticket to let you know they need help.
  3. You're also asking for the sale and offering a discount, personally. This could help you move users out of trial much quicker.

That's just three ways you can use trigger-based emails. Clearly, there are a lot more clever things you can with them.

The point is, you can use trigger-based emails to automate and personalize your conversations with your users, which will help grow your web and mobile app business.

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