I have some exciting news: Lifecycle has acquired Autosend, a leading customer success and communication platform for businesses! 🎉

We’re excited to bring this product into the Lifecycle family and move even deeper into the world of automated customer engagement, which many Lifecycle customers have been encouraging us to explore since 2015.

More on Autosend, and when you can get started using the beta.

Autosend is a communication and engagement platform that provides personalized, automated messages through Email, SMS, NPS Surveys, and in-app messages. Over the last 3 years, more than a 750 million messages have been delivered through the Autosend platform to help businesses increase customer engagement, reduce customer and revenue churn, and provide brilliant user experiences.

We’ll be integrating many of these exciting Autosend features with Lifecycle to compliment our current suite of messaging solutions. This will allow Lifecycle customers to build even richer, and more scalable messaging experiences - all from a single, simple product.

We’re working around-the-clock to get things ready for a full launch soon. Here’s a sneak peek of how things are shaping up:


Want to checkout the new Lifecycle beta early? We're slowly inviting people into the product, starting today!

Reserve your place on the waitlist here, and tell us a bit more about what you’re building, and we’ll shoot you an invite as soon as we have capacity.

This new partnership will accelerate our mission to radically change the way that brands and businesses connect and interact with their customers. This is a tremendous and exciting change for us, and we're grateful to share it all with you...

To the future and beyond! 🚀