Maybe you've heard about “trigger based messages”, or maybe you haven’t. Either way, don’t worry. I'll explain what they are and how to use them to grow your business. A trigger-based message is a message that's automatically sent to a user based on what they do in your web or mobile app. The message can be an email, text message, or push notification, it doesn't matter.

A trigger-based message is simply any message that's sent based on something a user did in your app. I’ll give you an example. Let's say a new user starts a free trial. You can automatically send a personalized email or SMS welcome message a few minutes after they join. The purpose of a triggered message is to engage and retain your users. But, this only works if your messages are relevant and timely. I’ll have another post that shows you how to craft the perfect triggered message. But for now, remember trigger-based messages are targeted and more personal. They aren't generic like your typical newsletter blasts. Alight, I get what a trigger message is, but how can I send my own? Glad you asked ;) Here’s three trigger-based messages you can copy and send to your users right now. I’ll even walk you through the process of send each one.  

Send A Trigger-Based Email to Explain a New Feature

If you notice a user in your web or mobile app starts using a new feature in your app, send an email to show them how to use it. An email with easy to follow directions and a few examples can really make a difference.

Your email could be something like this:

Hey {{Customer Name}}, I noticed you started using our save feature and wanted to show you some tricks to help you work faster. emailExampleFeature1

Send a Trigger-Based SMS Message to Get Users to Move to a Higher Plan

If your users typically cancel their plan after 4 months, schedule a text message 3 months after their purchase and offer a discount if they switch to an annual plan.

You could send a text message like this:

Hey {{Customer Name}}, Just wanted to thank you for being a loyal user. I looked at your plan and noticed you’d save $98/month if you switched to an annual plan. Here’s link to switch to an annual plan. Text me if you need help. [gravityform id="6" name="blog" title="false" description="false"]textExampleCode--higherPlan1

Send a Trigger-Based Push Notification to Remind Users To Integrate Your App

It’s really hard to get users to sign up AND integrate your app.  If your app requires someone to copy code like most analytics tools do, it’s important to remind them get it done. One easy way to remind your users to integrate is with a trigger-based push notification.

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