Over the years, Test Flight became a tool mobile app developers relied on. But their recent acquisition and termination of Android support has developers looking for alternatives. Getting your beta to testers with ease is important. But some platforms, particularly iOS, make the process a hassle. There are many predictions about Apple's future plans for Test Flight. But for now we'll focus on Test Flight alternatives for iOS, Android, and Windows developers. P.S. There's a comparison chart below from Eastern Peak Software, make sure to check it out.

HockeyApp not only helps you distribute betas, but is a complete beta testing suite. With Hockey App you don’t need extra tools. It's an all-in-one suite complete with crash reports, analytics, and feedback built in. What's better is Hockey App is available for the iOS, Android, and Windows platform. This means easy beta testing for everyone!

HockeyKit (FREE) One thing developers loved about Test Flight was it’s price. If you’re looking for a free tool and you like what Hockey App has to offer, look no further than Hockey Kit. Hockey Kit is the self-hosted, Open Source version of Hockey App. If you have your own server, why not save some cash and go the DIY route? Don’t know anything about servers? Then choose Hockey App. The hard work's done for you. As you'd expect, Hockey Kit has fewer features and is only available for iOS and Android apps. But if you're looking for something free and simple, this is your tool.

Apphance describes themselves as a tool that closes the feedback loop. It works over-the-air like Test Flight but has great extras like in-app feedback and bug reporting. If you want one tool for beta users to report problems and access to detailed reports on how to fix them, Apphance will help. Apphance is cross-platform and even works once your app is live. You can finally distribute your iOS, Android, Windows, and Unity betas with one tool.

AppBlade is like the other tools with a focus on security. You can secure your app beta, encrypt app data, and even completely wipe a tester's device afterwards. AppBlade is available for the iOS, Android, & BlackBerry.

Appaloosa Even though Appaloosa has a funny name, it means business. They make it easy to share betas internally or with a private group. Appaloosa targets Enterprise app developers, but there's no reason a small team couldn’t use it. Appaloosa is also multi-platform and available for iOS, Android, and Windows devices.

Beta Builder (FREE) Beta Builder is barebones compared to Test Flight. Like Test Flight you can distribute apps over-the-air, but without a “fancy” interface. Unlike Test Flight, Enterprise ad-hoc distribution is free. You can even limit beta testing in-house to prevent security issues. The bad news is Beta Builder is available only for iOS apps. It also has a Mac app you can buy for an optional donation of $10.00, otherwise it’s free.

Google Play Native App Beta Testing Android developers shouldn’t forget about the tool they already have. If you’re developing an Android only app, it may be easier to stick with the Google Play Console. The slew of built-in features and access to a pool of testers via G+ communities make beta testing simple.

TestFairy - Alternative for Android developers. TestFairy helps you get your apps to testers and see a video of what every tester is doing! It works in real time and in addition to video, TestFairy also monitors memory, CPU, GPS, battery, logs crash reports and can provide heat-maps of real app usage. It's easy to use, and does not require any SDK or any change in the tested app.

Installrapp - Easy iOS beta Distribution with API

Deploy Gate - Real-Time App Beta Testing  iOS & Android

Ubertesters - Cross-platform beta suite

Crashlytics - coming soon UPDATE: The lovely Eastern Peak Software team made a comparison chart comparing four of the popular mobile app beta testing tools. Check the chart below for a quick comparison of TestFlight, Ubertesters, Crashlytics and HockeyApp. mobile app beta testing tool comparison chart With all the alternatives available choose something you'll love for a while. Maybe Apple will improve Test Flight, bring it back to Android (doubt it), or drop it altogether. Only time will tell. Since we can’t predict the future, consider making one of the above options your favorite app beta tool. So what's your favorite testing tool from the list? What alternatives are you using now?

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