Email marketing is getting more popular. And it’s getting harder and harder to stand out in the inbox. Besides writing engaging, interesting, on-topic emails, here’s a few quick tricks you can use to make your customers and subscribers take notice.

Increase Email Marketing CTR & Open Rates with Surprises

scratch-it Scratch-It is basically a lottery-scratch off for emails. You can take any image, add another on top of it, and let people “scratch it” to reveal a surprise underneath. You can use it share coupons in an interesting way, company news, and anything else you can imagine. Scratch-It is more than a pretty face. Some Scratch-It users have seen 169% increase in click to open rates AND a 200% increase in conversions. It’s beautiful, engaging, and a conversion booster. Nice!

Also, if you’re texting your customers (and you should be) this would be something interesting to text your customers. I’ll be testing it out in the email, texts, and push notifications we send to our users soon, I’ll let you know how it goes.  

Boost Email Marketing Engagement with Questions

Click Insights is a dead-simple way to ask your users, subscribers, and customers questions by email. You simply create the survey. Copy and paste the embed HTML code into your email. Then send out your email and watch all the amazing feedback come pouring in. The entire process probably takes about 3 minutes. We’ve use it here at Lifecycle. It’s helped us re-engage trial users that I’m sure forgot about us and get super valuable feedback to optimize Lifecycle’s website and app. Most importantly, it helped start more conversations with our users. It’s pretty freakin’ insightful.

Boost Email Marketing Sales with Animated GIFs

Animated GIFs are nothing new. In fact, their quite old. But for some reason, a good ‘ole animated GIF just makes an email so much more engaging. There are two ways to go about using animated GIFs in your emails. You can make your own using tools like:

  1. Gifbrewery - Mac
  2. Giffer - iOS
  3. Cinemagram - iOS and Android
  4. Photoshop - Mac and PC
  5. - Mac and PC

Or you can find some awesome animated GIFs on sites like:

  1. GIPHY
  2. Mr-gif
  3. gifgifgifgifgif

Again, adding interactivity to your emails with GIFs isn’t just about fun. One study showed that adding an animated GIF to an email resulted in 12% more sales.

Boost Email Marketing Engagement with Video

Sharing Video with Email Video is everywhere, but a lot of marketers aren’t adding them to email. Spice things up, get people in engaged, and pop one in your email. A study by Experian showed that adding video to emails boosted email open rates by 13% and improved conversions by 21%. These kind of numbers are big wins for marketers, but they don’t come without their problems. Some email clients don’t play nice with video, so you have to test to see what works with a tool like Litmus or Email on Acid. Wisita also has a helpful write up on using video in your email marketing campaigns. Make sure to check it out. There are clearly more ways to make your emails more engaging. These are just some quick wins that will help you make your emails stand out and help boost your email marketing conversions.

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