Today’s marketer needs lots of data to make smart decisions to drive growth. The problem is, valuable data is hard to get without coding skills. If you ever want to know which content drives sales, which lifecycle emails convert users into customers, or which incentive in your referral program actually works, you need the right tools to do the job. Here are 13 tools that will help data-driven marketers do a better job without bothering their programmers.

popcorn metrics 

Popcorn Metrics - It seems like every marketing tool needs some sort of code install. And even after begging your developers to install them, there’s always changes that need to be made. Luckily, Popcorn Metrics solves this problem. Popcorn Metrics is a tool that helps marketers install new analytics tools without a developer. So any new analytics or email tool you want to use on your website you can set up yourself. is another option you can use.

Gleam - Referral programs are the go-to “growth hack” for many companies (think Dropbox, Instacart, Dollar Shave Club). But most referral programs are hard to set up, especially if you want valuable data from them. Gleam solves this by making it easy for anyone to set up a robust referral program in minutes. With Gleam you can build your own referral program snippets and add them to your lifecycle emails, landing pages, email newsletter sign up thank you pages, post-purchase pages, and more. Once live, you can A/B test, get data on which channel drives the most referrals, and see what drives the most conversions.

Autosend - Lifecycle marketing (particularly email marketing) has graduated from a nicety to a must-have. But you can’t understand it’s true value without amazing analytics. Autosend solves this. Autosend helps you send lifecycle email and SMS messages at the right to your customers based on their actions. You can get great data on open rates and click rates, segment and send messages to certain groups that meet certain criteria, and get a detailed report on your best performing messages.

  ducksboard Lucky Orange - If you’re part of a small team, chances are you don’t have a dedicated team to help you keep track of how customers behave on your site. This is a perfect job for Lucky Orange. Lucky Orange shows you exactly how many people are on your site right now and how that compares to the past. You can quickly compare historical statistics and see what keywords, locations, referrers, tweets, languages, etc. are driving traffic and behaviors on your site.  For alternatives, try Loop11 or MouseFlow.


Getmetrics - Need better information about what’s going on in Stripe? Getmetrics can do the job. Getmetrics shows an overview of your revenue, fees, charge backs, and more. You also get one-click access to information about customer downgrades, upgrades, or trial conversions. All this data is available without building your own dashboard or signing into Stripe everyday. If you need an alternative, Baremetrics is another tool that can help.  

SurveyGizmo - Quantitative data is nice, but qualitative data is awesome! Unfortunately, getting this valuable feedback is hard since the traditional way is on a website or through email. SurveyGizmo changes this. SurveyGizmo helps you distribute your online surveys using email invitations, Twitter, Facebook, and other social media – all from within SurveyGizmo. And not only do you get more ways to collect data, your can create super-interactive surveys that validate your respondents’ answers.


Fullcontact - Your customers, email subscribers, and users are more than a number. And you can get the data you need to find out exactly who they are with Fullcontact. Fullcontact helps you learn more about an email address. You can find out the name, age, location, twitter handle, title, and more with only the email address of any new person in your database.


Litmus - Knowing your email marketing open rates and click rates are great. But what if you could see how long people read your email, which device was used to read it, and get details about how many times it was forwarded? You can with Litmus. Litmus is a beautiful and simple tool that helps you test and measure your email marketing. Almost anything you want to know about what happens after your email is sent, Litmus can tell you.

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